Judgement Day!

Whether you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or profess another religion, you have heard of “Judgement Day”. No, not like in the Terminator series of movies! It’s when we stand before God to answer for our deeds and thoughts in life. Was I good enough? Did I help enough people? Was I a drain on those around me? There’s just us, a defense attorney, the prosecution team, and the judge. Wow, that Judge has some desk! How will this play out? (This is the revised and expanded version!)

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Is Any Religious Group 100% Correct?

The main focus of John 3:16 is God’s love for people. He loves ALL the people, all over the world, in all eras, ages, ethnic groups, and countries. So God loves everyone, EVERYONE? No matter when they lived, where they lived, what skin color or creed? Even, those _______ (you fill in that blank with someone that you just KNOW God can’t possibly love)? If, as some religions say, all of us are God’s children, which religion is the “right one”? Or is there a “right one”? Most zealots of many major religions would answer that question with a resounding “Yes, MY religion is the right one!” Well … 

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12 Days of Christmas

Some things are not as they seem, and if we judge something quickly, we may miss something very special about it. Several songs are that way. If you don’t know the background, or as Paul Harvey so often said, “The Rest of the Story” then you deprive yourself of beauty and warmth. One such example is the story behind this song. You may wonder how “The Twelve Days of Christmas” still fits into the 2020s. It is not simply an archaic design by the songwriter, it is much, much more!

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I Am Addicted

In my time in the Navy, I was taught that problems needed to be named in such a way that the name pointed toward the solution. For example, when someone did not know how to do their job, it was called a “training” problem. If they did not have the tools or parts they needed to fix something, it was a “supply” problem. When we did not have enough people to do the job, it was a “personnel” problem. If someone misbehaved, it was a “discipline” problem. Yes, when morale was down, it was a “leadership” problem.

So, when we say that something is “addictive”, we are blaming the substance and not looking at the real solution to the problem.

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Was Jesus Only a Great Teacher?

Several people have told me that Jesus was “only a great teacher”, and He was not the Son of God. He was, at best, maybe a prophet.

Well, at least they do admit He existed in history, so that’s closer to the truth than those who deny Him completely! I almost never challenge those people, because I feel God is working on them and a confrontation will not do anyone any good. So, I will address the issue here.

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If Jesus was walking today

It is easy to hear about the churches that focus on judging people, especially because when they do, the media loves repeating it. Churches condemning homosexuals, prostitutes, criminals, politicians, and even members of the “wrong” political spectrum. They have no idea about forgiving “low lives”, it seems far beyond their consideration.

I don’t condemn someone for being like that, it’s just the human thing to do. Suspecting those that are not “like us” is part of the survival skills developed long ago. Parents properly tell their young children “don’t talk with strangers”.

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Abide / Remain

Does it make sense to make planes out of something that doesn’t fly or to make ships out of something that doesn’t float? Metal doesn’t fly or float! Yet jet planes are made of metal, as are ocean-going ships. Many times I have used both to go on long journeys covering distances I could not cover on my own. I could well use my relationship with God in the same way!

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