Supermarket Approach

It is easy to get caught up in the things about this life that we don’t like, especially for some of us. We tell ourselves and others that listen that we have ‘high standards’, yet in reality, we are … very intolerant of those that don’t think the way we do. To tolerate those ‘fools’ is unthinkable, yet in reality, the only one losing sleep and peace over those fools is … the foolish one. Here’s another way to look at other people and life.

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I Am Addicted

In my time in the Navy, I was taught that problems needed to be named in such a way that the name pointed toward the solution. For example, when someone did not know how to do their job, it was called a “training” problem. If they did not have the tools or parts they needed to fix something, it was a “supply” problem. When we did not have enough people to do the job, it was a “personnel” problem. If someone misbehaved, it was a “discipline” problem. Yes, when morale was down, it was a “leadership” problem.

So, when we say that something is “addictive”, we are blaming the substance and not looking at the real solution to the problem.

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