Bless and Be With Them

Look at these pictures. You and I probably don’t see these kinds of things every day, but we have seen them. There are people in these circumstances and God has brought them to your attention. I call these “God appointments”, which in our eyes are “unscheduled”. Sometimes, you and I have been too busy to notice.

God Brings People to Your Attention

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I did not know I would see any of these when I left the house in the morning. Yet there they were, right in front of me. You may even think of other situations and people that crossed your path last week, or yesterday. All of these photos of people gave me an emotional reaction. Please look at these pictures and think about how you felt when you saw someone like them. Pay attention to the emotions they bring out in you.

I confess I am not always proud of some of my reactions. Sometimes I have been self-righteous, or upset at the interruption in my time in traffic, or other selfish thoughts. I am not the only one with this human condition.

What would be a more mature response?

Someone recommended that instead of thinking of these people as interruptions or distractions, I need to see that God brought them to my attention. When I see these people as God’s children, I sense a change of heart inside. Everyone in these pictures needs God’s compassion.

So I pray for them. My prayer is: “Thank you Lord for blessing them and being with them.”

I’m not saying that your words should be my words. Talk it over with God and ask His help in melting and molding your heart when you have these “God Appointments”.

Please comment and/or respond to what you heard inside of you as you read this! Let’s share!
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