Why This Blog

In my experience, life is a journey, full of trials and joys, much like a roller coaster. A swirling mixture of emotions, reason, priorities, decisions, needs, wants, impulses, commitments, and consequences. Sometimes, like that roller coaster, you feel thrilled by it all and on top of the world! Sometimes, you feel you are about to fall off. I offer some help.

Many of us are on journeys like that, and may believe in the following analogy: We are like lumps of charcoal, or as some would say, “diamonds-in-the-rough”. Either the temperature and pressures of life will turn us into bright, shiny, valued diamonds, or we will burn in the fire, leaving little residue.

The good news is that we have much more control over which way we go than I originally believed and that neither of us is limited to our own resources, we have help. Only with humility can we receive that help! Whether we get that help one-on-one in talks with others, or at a seminar, or we get it from someone that wrote a book, article, or video presentation doesn’t matter. It is important that we have the ‘attitude of gratitude’, that ‘yearn to learn’ that allows us to keep on learning. Only then can we be ‘all that we can be’.

This blog was created to assist you and me through our journey. Many people have intelligence, wit, money, power, and more, yet lack inner peace. (Look at how many people are addicted to things that don’t give them peace.) The amount of crime committed by members of each social and economic level: rich, poor, young and old, and in-between; shows that all levels of society around the world are relatively stressed out. Why? Well, for many of the people I have had the honor of helping, part of the answer has been to go deeper in their life. Someone once said, “The world doesn’t need smart people as much as it needs deep people”.

It is said in Organizational Management Theory, that whenever an organization has much strife and conflict within, it is because the people have not yet accepted the goal of the leadership. In other words, they are literally being torn in different directions because of different goals. An organization without a common goal will fight against itself. However, when a common goal is accepted, inner peace hits the organization. That all being true, the reason most people don’t have inner peace is because they don’t know why they are alive on earth at this time! They don’t know their purpose in life!

This site is also created because I have a need to share what I have come to believe. My fervent hope is that you the reader benefit from my efforts to create this site and from your own efforts to process what you find here and what that helps you find within you. You can’t find oil, gold, diamonds, and some other things of value unless:

  • you are willing to go deeper than most,
  • you are willing to move loads of dirt, (in my case, many loads)
  • you recognize them in their raw state, before they are refined, and
  • you are willing to accept assistance from others.

I believe that the most precious possessions of this life are found in a similar way. When I do not do the four things above, whatever the excuse (“I’m too tired.” “It’s too hard.” “I wanna do it my way.”) I do not plant the seeds for long-term benefits to myself and my family.

In the heat of life, you find out of what metal you are made. Or as someone else said, “People are like teabags. You find out how strong they are once they are in hot water.”

Please comment and/or respond to what you heard inside of you as you read this! Let’s share!
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