Rejected Lambs

I got this from a friend, and thought it so good that I wanted more people to have the opportunity to read it. If you have felt rejected, disrespected or ignored, this is for you. Especially if it happened when you were younger, and the experience has marked your life ever since. Here’s one thing that shepherds do with the lambs that are rejected by their mothers. See if this encourages you!

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If Jesus was walking today

It is easy to hear about the churches that focus on judging people, especially because when they do, the media loves repeating it. Churches condemning homosexuals, prostitutes, criminals, politicians, and even members of the “wrong” political spectrum. They have no idea about forgiving “low lives”, it seems far beyond their consideration.

I don’t condemn someone for being like that, it’s just the human thing to do. Suspecting those that are not “like us” is part of the survival skills developed long ago. Parents properly tell their young children “don’t talk with strangers”.

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