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Want to read some scripture that reads like it was written to YOU? or about YOU? Here’s a way to also send love, or a hug to a friend by sending them scripture with their name in it! It’s powerful and has helped hundreds since the idea was created and then finally put on the web so that it could be shared all over the world.


I was doing weekend retreats with Navy Chaplains as part of their supporting staff. We learned that some men needed to “role play” an angel visiting them as if they were Gideon, and it refreshed their broken spirit. Over time, we expanded that to have women “role pay” being visited by the Angel as Mary had been. Yes, we had to modify the details of both visits to suit the person.

Years later, I was led to add more scripture to be used in the same way, the first new addition being the 23rd Psalm. I put it up on my website, and over the years, now have about 40 different scriptures used to help/hug people. However, my skill level only allowed me to create pages that people would have to print out to give themselves or to a friend. When I realized that the service was in the “20th Century”, I got help and now it can be emailed, or a link texted to whom you want to give it!

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Psalms 91 and 23

Since Covid hit, the most popular by far has been the 91st Psalm, often referred to as the “Psalm of Protection”. People from all over the world have used it to help calm the fears COVID has revealed. Here’s an example of what you would get, using the 23rd Psalm:

Created using the page at:

See how that works? Here’s the link to that separate blog. I pray that what you find there will bless you and others.

Please comment and/or respond to what you heard inside of you as you read this! Let’s share!
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