Dating and Loving God

I remember when I first started dating. I was both excited and scared, especially at first. I had no idea what I was doing and learned along the way. I would make sure I showered, shaved, combed my hair, put on good, clean clothes. I would think about where we would be going and doing. I made sure I had cash in my pocket and a credit card as backup. Oh, my car! Cleaned it and gassed it up. I was determined to make a good impression because I wanted her to enjoy time with me. I wanted her to want to be with me. I wanted another date after this one! The time together got to be more precious as we grew closer. I started to become dependent on that time together, I was addicted!


Holding hands together

That was with another person and it was a wonderful, wonderful time. Wait, what am I saying? It’s still a wonderful time! I love spending time with her! Her smile is the most beautiful in the world! I wanted to learn what she liked so that we could enjoy it together.

Just being with her is amazing. Even if it’s doing mundane things, the time together is not mundane. We don’t walk around as much, we don’t run or swim as much. However, we still have breakfast, lunch, or dinner together. We do play cards or other games, watch movies and eat popcorn together. I watch many shows only because she likes them. Well, that’s not true because I have learned to like them as well. I confess that even the shopping I once tolerated has become more pleasant.

Dating God

Holding hands together

I know that many people spend time with God, either praying, studying scripture, or walking in nature. On the beach, in the park, or just down the street. They enjoy this time with God. Some do it because it’s an obligation, they read scripture because someone recommended it. They read scripture to understand the scripture better.

I have seen that those who enjoy time with God the most, are those that have fallen in love with Him. Those that are eager to “date” him.

What if we started to think about our time with God the same way we thought about time with our date? What would we do differently?

  • We would take time to “shower and get clean”. No, not with water, but with clearing our minds from everything but our date.
  • We would dress up and accessorize to look right. No, not with clothes, but with a willingness to learn from God and enjoy being with Him.
  • Time together would be an adventure! It may be exciting or it may be peaceful. It will always be wonderful.
  • We might talk to our friends about our eagerness to have time with Him, or about how great our time with Him was!

Just like getting to love someone, it may take time to get there. Since God “is” love, He will gently help you get there, He will not push you because He is very patient and has all the time in the world. He does want you to cherish your time with Him.

The best part? Just like in dating, when you could always write, call, text or message your “date”, you can always talk to God anytime, anywhere. He is always available and never too busy to take your call. He enjoys time with you as much as you have ever enjoyed time with a loved one.

Please comment and/or respond to what you heard inside of you as you read this! Let’s share!
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