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In over four decades of an intimate walk with God, I have been pulled into many conversations. More than half of that time I have had a presence on the internet with well over 500,000 visitors from over 90 countries to my website (which this blog replaces). In short, I have been asked a lot of very good questions about God and Heaven. Here are my answers!


Who is Jesus?

That is the real question. Everything comes down to your answer. I address that question throughout this blog and it will be addressed more fully in other articles. Jesus was sent to Earth to pay the price both of us should be paying for our mistakes, occasional stupidity, flaws, and sins. Since he had none of those, He was not paying for Himself! Because that price is already fully paid for us both, nothing stands between us and God!

If you don’t believe in Jesus, there’s only one reason and it’s totally logical. You two haven’t met yet. I believe that everyone I have met is real.

Is There Life After Death?

If you don’t believe there is, you have nothing to worry about! Except that we don’t know what we don’t know! You should only keep reading if you are either willing to entertain the thought that you may be wrong! Or if you like reading what “fools” like me believe. My beliefs are not based on an old book, they are based on my life experiences.

Since Jesus is alive right now, that is evidence for a life after death!

Do You Think You Are Going to Heaven?


I don’t think, hope, wish or pray that I am going to Heaven. I know it for a fact. How? I know it because I have the receipt and the ticket for that ‘flight’. The price has been paid, and when it’s time to get on that plane (or spaceship?) I will be on it.

God has sent me an invitation, and my seat is paid for and reserved. Did I do something to deserve this? No. I got the invitation from someone with whom I have an intimate relationship and I have accepted it.

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Absolutely nothing. Only God can put the desire for this in your heart. He calls us to Him. Only God can make you aware of this need. Only God can invite you into a great, personal relationship with Him. Accept that relationship, and you are off to a wonderful, adventure that will last longer than you can imagine!

Besides, the goal is not “to be saved”. The goal is to have an intimate relationship with God and to do things His way, not ours. Those of us that get to know Him, and submit to Him, get to serve Him now and in a life after this one. Those that don’t, have no life after this one to be concerned about.

What is Baptism About?

It’s a longer story than most realize. It was not an idea that Christians came up with, it was a Judaic tradition. When a “gentile” (non-Hebrew) wanted to join the Hebrew religion and become one, they had to be “baptized” in a river or lake. This symbolized their rejection of what they believed before and their acceptance of their new religion.

So, if one was born Hebrew, they didn’t need to be baptized because they were already “in”. Only “outsiders” needed baptism.

Well, today we recognize that all of us started as “outsiders”. Christian Baptism says that bloodlines don’t matter. No one has an advantage over anyone else. We all start at the same place. There is NO favoritism in God’s eyes and that’s why there should be none in our own.

How Can We Know If There Is Life After Death?

How can anyone logically or scientifically deny it? But how would you explain butterflies to caterpillars? How do you explain live outside the womb to someone inside? If you are not certain that there is a life after death, you don’t yet have an intimate, loving relationship with your Creator. How do I know? Because if you did have that relationship, you would know that there is life after this one, and you wouldn’t ask the question!

Doesn’t God Love Everyone?

Yes, He does!

Like many parents and grandparents, God loves all of His children. Some of us ‘kids’ don’t want to have a relationship with Him, which is sad. Some don’t want to recognize Him as their ‘Father’, which is sad. Many of us don’t want to come to His house and spend a lot of time there with Him.

Others love Him, being with Him, want to spend time with Him, and just adore Him. While all the children get invitations to His house, not all want to come. He doesn’t force anyone to show up. Many of us turn down the invitation, as we turn down invitations from some other people.

Do Only Christians Go To Heaven?


First, many people featured in the Old Testament are in Heaven. David, Abraham, Moses, Daniel, and Noah probably never heard of Jesus in the way that we did. They never gave their heart to Jesus. They were never baptized in the way that the modern church tells us to do.

Yet, I am convinced that they are in heaven. In fact, there will be many there that will surprise us. I am convinced that millions of non-Christians are in heaven, despite their never hearing of Jesus from someone in the last few hundred years.

Why? Because the key is as written above! It’s obvious to me that each of those listed above had a deep, personal and intimate relationship with our Creator (a.k.a. ‘God’). Since they had that, they are there.

If God Loves Us All, Don’t All Of Us Go To Heaven?

Apparently not. Sad as it seems to some people, you need to know the owner to get an invitation to the party. Just as you have not invited many, many good people to your house. Because you do not know them well enough to let them into your house! Most of them you don’t even know that they exist! God does the same with us.

If you are a stranger to Him, you do not have an invitation in your hand. Just as not all children are “heirs”, not all of God’s children will inherit heaven. Get to know Him, and you get to go to heaven.

Ignore Him, or refuse to get close to Him, and don’t realize that you have an invitation to accept. Why accept an invitation from a stranger?

Why Don’t Good People Go To Heaven? It’s Not Fair!

That’s right! Also, it is not fair to claim to be a good person, either! Some of us seem to be good people on the surface. However, all of us have flaws, and while some are more flawed than others, none of us is perfect. We have all had our moments of … acting or reacting poorly. There are stains on our souls! Besides, they are the ones who didn’t accept their invitation.

So the question becomes, “How good is good enough?”

If I cook you breakfast, would it be okay to use an egg that is only slightly rotten? Or almost not rotten? I may be able to cook up a great omelet, but if I use a single rotten egg, just one, that omelet is NOT “good enough”! Same for moldy cheese, or germ-infested bread. You want to eat clean, pure, healthy, and uncontaminated food. Any contamination with either poison, being rotten, or germs is just not acceptable. Even if it’s only 1%.

You have high standards about what you eat, God is the same way about who enters His house. If you accept His invitation, Jesus has negated all your imperfections and replaced them with His perfection! All the “eggs” in heaven are perfect!

I will gladly add any questions you ask!

Please comment and/or respond to what you heard inside of you as you read this! Let’s share!
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  • God wants our lives built on His truth (John 8;32), not our self-designed truth. He wants us to take captive our thoughts and examine them in the truth of His Word and not reinforce our own ideas and beliefs.
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