Gospel According To Lucifer

What if God’s #1 angel wrote a book about the Creation in the style of “The Book of Acts”? How do things look from His point of view? I was inspired to write this after reading C. S. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters”. That book is a great read. I was told to read that book every 3 years, to see how much it changed each time. It was not the book that had changed, I changed so much I felt like I was reading a different book each time! Remember, this is written from Satan’s point of view, as I speculate it to be.

Creation and Choices

First and foremost, my dear Veraphilia, I want you to know the truth of what had happened since the beginning. How glorious the creation was as I watched it come into being. It was so exciting! But, I was deceived from the start, and later betrayed.

“Let there be light!”

In an extremely bright flash of light, that beautiful outward expression of glory that broke the darkness and overwhelmed it, all was created. Yes, all material and matter was created, and you may not have realized yet that all souls were created as well. The matter did not have a choice as to what it became, however, you and I did have a choice. It was offered immediately, out of respect for our living spirits.

We were given the choice, whether to live serving the One True God or to live serving ourselves. Only much later were the consequences of that choice laid out, for the choices were not to be influenced by them.

I Was First!

Of course, I was the first to choose the former. There is so much more status in serving the greatest of the great than in serving just one, don’t you think? So much more exciting and thrilling and rewarding! So much more status, power, and best of all, respect! Certainly much more freedom!

I am Number One and I deserve it!

In return for being first, I was properly made the brightest of angels serving the Creator. You and all “people” however, chose a life of serving yourselves. Only later did you realize that you had to wait for it to begin much, much later. He had to prepare a place for you in which you could survive, and it took a while to get it ready. While we worked at it, you slept.

We were able to travel instantly, from one glorious super-nova to the next. Watching galaxies form and collide, seeing so many beautiful colors that we later learned you would never be able to see. Your frail bodies needed almost perfect conditions. Your need for air, food, water, and shelter meant that you would not be able to survive most of the universe. You would not live long, you would be fragile, you not know what we knew, you were so, so inferior to us angels. It was like preparing a place for babies that would never grow up to be much more than that. So needy, so vulnerable. Like your pets, actually.

Working with my 2 best assistants, Archangels Michael and Gabriel was very rewarding. They were bright, funny, and very understanding. Very capable as well. They understood the power that the three of us had and used it well. It was a great time, a fabulous time, and a time that went by very quickly! Too quickly.

We were unlimited in our abilities. Those that chose to serve themselves (pathetic, right?) were put on stasis, to be revived when it was their time. They were given a very short life span, the ability to suffer pain, both emotional and physical, and had severely limited brains and hearts. They deserved all of that and more!

God’s Plan

What did He just say?

God then asked us to sit with Him, as He wanted to reveal more of His plan and our work. He repeated what I have already told you about humans. Mostly due to temperature, climate, and atmospheric limitations, the humans had to be in a very carefully designed and maintained setting. In fact, the limitations were so tight, that humans could not survive in over 99.99% of the universe. We would have to take care of them and help them. (That’s when I really started to see humans as pets!) Humans would also never be as smart, nor as wise as we were. Their intellect was to be severely limited, as would be their ability to understand or comprehend Him and His plan. They would be so focused on themselves, their own needs, their own wants, their own goals … that seeing beyond any of that would be extremely difficult, in fact, impossible without His and our help.

In fact, they weren’t even going to see Him on a regular basis, mainly because they would not even be able to stand the sight of Him. Even we angels would look frightening to them if they ever saw us! (Really dumb, huh?) This all reminded me that all who had chosen to serve themselves instead of Him were to make up the race of Humans, just as all of us that chose to serve Him became known as “angels”. Such inferior pets! Such weakness, such a fitting punishment for their foolish decision!

I expected Him to tell us how we would exercise power over people, guiding them in what we knew to be best for them, using a firm hand. We already knew they had poor judgment and were unable to make quality decisions for themselves, so I was looking forward to serving Him by taking control of these foolish humans and guiding them. Even punishing them for their stupidity and lack of both foresight and wisdom. Such intellectual cripples obviously need a firm hand to help them, and I was looking forward to providing that hand.

My Reaction

You can imagine how I felt when the Lord told us that the highest way to serve Him, was for us to help meet the needs of humans. We were not to control but to inform and support. We were not to punish but to forgive. We were not to judge these people but to have compassion for them. Because they would start their meager, short lives totally self-centered, self-absorbed, and self-focused (not self-aware!) we were to help them to “grow” to the point where they would choose to serve Him. They would have only a short time to decide. I could barely hear the rest of His talking at that time.

I did not understand then, nor do I understand now why He wanted to give them a second chance. It is senseless to do so. I was in shock. All this time … I looked forward to doing His bidding, only to learn that I was to help those … vastly inferior people. They had made the selfish choice, they had chosen weakness and selfishness while we had chosen to serve the Almighty Creator … who now tells us to protect, guide, and love the fools.

His Power Had Corrupted Him

I was not the only one so shocked at this unexpected turn of events. Many of us were severely disappointed and dismayed at our upcoming role as “angels”. We were better than this, we deserved better. It was frustrating to be stuck to one planet among countless (literally, countless!) others scattered all over Creation. What about the freedom to continue traveling all over. We deserved to be waiting on Him, to fill His needs … not the needs of the fools who failed from the very beginning.

Neither Gabriel nor Michael felt that way, both believing that they were to do as the Creator wanted, and whatever that was, it was good enough for them. (Yech, they had no pride then, and have none to this day!) I knew that I was more powerful than either of them. After all, they had each taken too long a time to decide to serve Him! They were not as smart, nor as powerful, nor as committed to Him as I had been. I had always had doubts about them and so many of the other angels that seemed to agree with His plan as He revealed it.

Obviously, He had gone mad. He had forgotten who He was and why Creation existed. It existed to “glorify Him”, not to serve humanity. He was no longer the Creator I had chosen to serve. He had changed, He had gotten soft and weaker. His absolute power absolutely corrupted Him.

Trying To Fix Things

I spoke with others and learned that about a third of us agreed that God was now corrupt. New leadership was needed that would not make this mistake. Because I had been the first to choose to serve God, I was chosen by the others as their leader. Our goal was to replace God with me, and we all knew I would not make the same mistake!

We really thought we could win. Hopefully, we had the chance to surprise God (He was focusing on designing humans and talking with Gabriel and Michael.) We were fooled. They had been discussing, with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, how to beat us. We never had the element of surprise. As the war went on, I could see God shaking His head when He looked at me and the others. He was never worried about the outcome. It seemed that He wanted us to stop and surrender. That just angered me to try harder. It showed me His corruption.

We Lost And Were Punished

I hate this picture. Michael cheated!

After being defeated (we were outnumbered 2 to 1, it was neither fair nor our fault) we were expelled. He changed my name from “Light Bearer” to “Adversary”. Worse, we were banished to “Earth”, forced to live among the humans. No longer could we travel the universe, seeing all the great sites to see. We were stuck on the same planet with these hideous humans. The very creatures I had come to despise, would now be my company in a prison. Not just would they be with me, but I had already rejected serving them! A terrible, terrible prison, with no ability to ever travel away from it, stuck here for “eternity”. You can imagine how I felt.

We were now trapped in space-time. No longer were we free to roam at will. Yech!

Even worse is the last part. He trapped us with the humans, and He was going to send Jesus to pay for their flaws. He was NOT going to hold their inferiority against them! Secondly, Jesus was not paying for us, because we “should have known better”. Our flaws will never be erased. This is ridiculous.

One Consolation

I am now Satan, The adversary! It’s my Job!

As further proof of how his power had corrupted Him, He saw that our punishment was very severe. He made me an offer I could not refuse. I was offered the job to corrupt them and have them suffer the way that I thought they deserved. He even agreed that they DID deserve punishment!

I could see that the best way to serve Him, is to control humans through their flaws and weaknesses! Now I understood the reason for my new name and my new role! How exciting!

So, the best way I could serve Him was to do what I really wanted to do, corrupt people against Him. To use their weaknesses (desires, lusts, selfishness, self-focus, self-pity, greed, etc.) against them. He conceded that while Jesus paid for all of that, I would succeed in getting some of them to suffer as much as I am suffering.

I love Him! Ha! I appreciate His foolishness!

Our Wins!

If I had the room here, I would remind you of me many, many successes we have had since then. Remember, even the best sports teams don’t win all of their battles. The best win the important ones, and those are documented for all time, in the Bible!

  • Corrupting Adam and Eve took planning and studying. Once I realized that they probably “wanted to be like God” (as I foolishly did), it was easy. Yes, the dragons lost their arms, legs, and wings, becoming merely snakes. (Who cares?)
  • We got Cain to kill his brother Able! The first split was Adam/Eve splitting from God, this was the second!
  • The Split accomplished at the Tower of Babel was not only a great success then, it still is today!
  • Abraham took a while, but once God promised him an heir, it was easy to convince Sarah to give him her handmaid. People always absolutely hate to wait for God’s timing and move on their own!
  • Sodom and Gomorrah were more big wins. So much so, that the very people we are here to corrupt use the word “sodomy” to this day. I loved that Pillar of Salt! What a team God and I make now that He has given me the job I love!
  • Moses was tough, but the toughest wins are the best! His ego took a lot of work, but finally it kept him out of the promised land!
  • Envy worked very well with Israel’s sons, getting them to hate Joseph! I also got them out of the land that was promised to Abraham!
  • When David was chosen to be King, it was so easy to corrupt Saul. I just reminded him that his son was “supposed” to be the next King.
  • I got to David a lot. That list is long and you know the story! I destroyed his relationships with his sons and split the kingdom!
  • Speaking of splitting, look how we have split the church so much by helping people to look at what’s important to us instead of what’s important to them! It takes a while to count all the different religions here!
  • We have succeeded in getting them to worship other people (Saints, ‘gods’, angels, and other idols) instead of God!
  • Millions are so mad at God that they deny He exists!
  • Don’t forget how we have used their lusts to turn their brains off. All those unwanted babies being abandoned for centuries! For millenium!
  • We have stopped billions of them from ever out-growing their self-centeredness! That’s a really big one! It has become so easy now, as many cultures and even churches also push self-centeredness!
  • We have changed the meanings of words as well. Most churches talk of “evangelism” as making converts, not disciples or servants!
  • “Church” used to mean getting together, now it means a building! I love these dumb sheep!
  • I love human egos! It’s so easy to make people arrogant and self-righteous in their religion! Remember, things of this earth are best used as tools.
  • People are SO gullible! They even think I am red, have horns, and “rule” in hell. That is so crazy!
Yeah right, that’s why I can manipulate them. They have no idea how I get past their defenses!

There are so many more victories we have had. We have a great tradition behind us, and much more to look forward to!

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