Grandma’s vision

I was not there to witness this event. A few weeks later, as I was home for my grandmother’s funeral, my mother shared this with me. She was awed by the event, and by the telling of it as well. Careful, you may find yourself awed as you read it!

What She Said She Saw

About one week before my maternal grandmother, died, she had an unusual experience. Fortunately, my mother was visiting her at the time. Otherwise, we would not know the story! My grandmother had a “vision” while in her bed. During this “vision”, she spoke to the people she saw. That allowed my mother to hear her comments.

My grandmother saw a large crowd of relatives at the foot of the bed. She greeted them each by name. As my mother listened, she realized that this was a gathering of family members who had already passed away. My grandmother saw all of them standing at the foot of her bed. In the vision, my grandfather told her that they were all waiting for her, but it was not yet time for her to join them.

She saw about 2 dozen family members who were dead.

This all made sense to her until she recognized one of the cousins, a cousin Luba. She called out to this cousin asking her why she was with the others since she wasn’t dead! What is she doing here? My grandmother did not believe that her cousin should be there, as she knew that all the others had died, and were waiting for her in heaven. She got no answer from the people in the vision. Neither did she get an answer from my mother minutes later when telling her of the vision she had just had.

What’s the Big Deal?

What my mother had never told her, was that only a week before the vision, my mother had received a letter from our family in Ukraine. The family there told her of cousin Luba’s death about 10 days before!

While my grandmother did not understand why her cousin was in the group and verbally objected to her presence, she had no idea that Luba belonged. God works in mysterious ways!

Please comment and/or respond to what you heard inside of you as you read this! Let’s share!
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