A Creation Story

As it says in the title, this is a story. Sure, it’s based on a true story, the one in the Bible, but like Hollywood, I have taken liberties to … fill in the blanks. So, let’s start at the beginning. No really, at the beginning. History, time, and space all began at the “Big Bang”. That’s what science tells us, however, science leaves out a few things:

The Big Bang Plus

  1. God was behind the Big Bang, and
  2. Not only was all matter, energy, and time created at that instant, but so were all spirits. Just like matter and energy, there were to be two different spirits. Unlike matter and energy, however, each spirit was able to choose whom it would serve.
  3. Each spirit had to choose whether to serve itself in this brand-new universe or to serve the Creator.
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Those that chose to serve themselves (as I did) were put into stasis, to be called out when the time was right. After all, humans were going to be very fragile, needing an absolutely perfect planet so they could survive. With science being what it is, from a certain point of view that was going to take a long time.

Those that chose to serve God became known as “Angels”.The one that chose to serve God the quickest got the name “Lucifer” and was selected as the “top angel”. All of the angels watched Creation unfold. Bright stars, supernovas, black holes, galaxies forming, rocks colliding with each other and slowly growing into planets, etc.

Everyone was enjoying the spectacle unfolding before them when God called the first “All-Employee Meeting”.

In short, it seems that God thanked all of them for choosing to serve Him and He felt honored by their choice. Also, He told them that frankly, they had made the better of the two choices, even though a huge majority of spirits chose to serve themselves. As a result, they would not be immortal (immune to time), nor would be able to exist just anywhere in the universe. These “humans”, as they would be known once released from stasis, would need nourishment for their bodies and protection from extreme temperatures. Humans would be born helpless and dependent on others. Humans would suffer things called pain, loneliness, anguish, depression, and agony among other things which Angels could not relate to, but which sounded awful. Humans would have a short, short lifespan before dying. (Yes, God had to explain these concepts which were previously unknown to the immortal, indestructible angels). Everyone seemed to agree that humans deserved their lot.

God agreed and said that people had broken His heart. He dearly, dearly loved all the angels and yet … also dearly, dearly loved people. He was torn. In fact, because of the terrible consequences, humans were to face, He felt sorry for them. Then He revealed what had been His plan all along. He had known all along that many would reject Him and choose themselves as their own masters.

He wanted to give people a second chance. He wanted the angels to help people learn and see that it is much better to serve God than to be self-serving. People that would choose to serve God would join Him and the angels, while those that continued to serve themselves would perish. In fact, the best way, the highest way the angels could serve God, was to serve people under God’s direction. He had to give people another chance to get it right because He loved them so much.

The Rebellion of the Proud

Some angels cried out they wanted to continue to serve God directly, and that these people did not deserve forgiveness! Lucifer was most verbal and angry. God was not surprised, as He knew that Lucifer had chosen to serve God because of his own pride. Lucifer thought it better to be a butler to the most powerful being than to be a guide to mere people. The war that followed was violent, and both Lucifer and all those that joined him were defeated. They made the wrong choice, as people had done before.

God told them of their fate, of the consequences they would endure. They would lose the names that God had given them, Lucifer’s new name was Satan. They were called angels but demons or devils. They would be sent to live among people and allowed (limited) power over them. They would keep their immortality, and not die as people would. However, since they had refused to continue to serve God, they would not be able to tolerate God’s presence at all. They would be immune to love, yet they were still subservient to God.

God made it clear that when humanity would come to an end, the fallen angels would join people who rejected God. There will be another violent battle between those that chose to serve themselves and those that chose to serve God. The fallen would have the choice to either serve God or themselves and fight again. After the battle, the losing side would have their immortality come to an end by the fire* of the Holy Spirit. They would be totally destroyed, their spirits no longer with us. People who change their minds, and decide to serve God will not fight alongside the angels in that last battle. Afterward, all would be as originally intended: all remaining spirits would serve God and enjoy the creation. All of the creation, from one end to the other.

As I said … it’s only a story.

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