What Scientists can’t see!

Astronomers, astrophysicists, and others who study space today are convinced that there are planets circling other stars. They have already named over 350 of these “exoplanets”. Interestingly enough, not one scientist has actually seen one, not even through the best telescopes we have! They have never shown up in any picture! These same scientists also believe in dark matter, dark energy, and black holes. They have never seen any of them, either! Since there is no direct evidence that these things exist, how can scientists say with absolute certainty that they do?

What they Can See!

silhouette of mountain under starry night
Photo by Sam Kolder on Pexels.com

This picture here may or may not have any exoplanets in it. There may be dark matter, dark energy and even a black hole. Of course, we can not see any of those. Neither can any professional looking through a telescope! So why do scientists believe in them?

Well, they have learned how to spot these exo-planets which cannot be seen. Their method measures the brightness of a star, and if there is a periodic dimming of that star, then a planet is passing between us and that star.

What about black holes, whose gravity doesn’t allow any light to leave it? They are “found” by the erratic orbits of stars that are close to them. We can watch the orbits, and with a few calculations determine both the position and mass of the “black hole”.

Dark matter? We can’t see that, either! Well, once astrophysicists realized that it HAD to exist, they learned that the gravity from dark matter bends light passing through it. If we have trouble seeing a galaxy because of distortion (telescopes which are in orbit above us are free from atmospherically-caused distortion) then it must be dark matter causing that distortion.

Lastly, Dark energy is what pushes galaxies away from each other as the universe is constantly expanding, at least in theory.

Why is this important?

We don’t see God either, do we? We have no “hard physical evidence” that would convince a skeptic. Or do we? If the world’s brightest minds can believe that exoplanets, black holes, dark matter and dark energy all exist without any “hard physical evidence”, why do believers in a Creator need any to justify their beliefs? Let’s use the same techniques that work in science! After all, even those scientists believe in “the big bang”, which is another way of looking at God saying, “Let there be light”. (Genesis 1:3).

In my life I have plenty of “evidence” that God exists, and that God loves me. He loves all His children and has opened the door for us to love Him. I cannot argue His existence with you, but I will offer an analogy. You can read about my experiences with God on my website at mywalkwithgod.blog. There you will see how I have evidence, as solid as any scientist has regarding the things I have mentioned, that God exists and loves us.

Meeting new friends

Before you met some of your best friends in this life, you did not know they existed. If I were to ask you for proof that your best friend exists, you might look at me like I’m crazy. Fair enough. The only way that I know your best friend exists, is if I trust you that he/she does. Maybe you can arrange an introduction for me.

It’s the same way with God. If you haven’t met Him, you cannot truly believe in Him. Not having met Him does not make you a bad person, it just means that you haven’t met him yet. That’s all. Those of us that have met God, are not better people and we cannot be told He doesn’t exist. If you want one of us to “introduce” you, we can do that. Neither believer nor non-believer is crazy or insane or evil. It’s just where we are at this time.

Last Point about Scientists and Space

Scientists are looking for signs of life on other planets. They do this by looking for water, or signs of water. Finding actual water in rivers, lakes, oceans or streams would be great. They are very happy to find signs of water, such as dry river beds, rocks made smooth by water flow, dried-up lakes, and oceans. They are convinced that you must have water in order to have life. Well, according to the book of Genesis, after God made light, He then dealt with water BEFORE dealing with plant life, etc.

These scientists are looking for truth. They don’t focus on what anyone believes, because our beliefs do not affect the truth, it’s the other way around. However, I do wonder if these scientists realize that they are in agreement with the Bible regarding water and life?

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