Tabernacle, Temple, and Jesus

Earlier, I posted about how the Tabernacle/Temple layout showed us how to go from being “saved only” to someone who can have intimacy with God. This is only a small example of God sending multiple messages with the same scripture, or in this case, with the design of the Tabernacle/Temple.

Overview of the Layout

The first thing is the Brasen Altar, and the last is the Holy of Holies

You enter by going up the stairs on the right side. The path through the temple/tabernacle takes you through the following places in sequence:

  1. In the upper (or inner court) you pass the Brasen Altar, the Molten Sea, and the Court.
  2. Entering the Holy Place, you walk among the Tables of Shewbread and Candles before reaching the Altar of Incense.
  3. Finally, once going through the veil, you enter the Holy of Holies where the Ark and Mercy Seat are found.

The Inner Court is a Starting Place!

When we think of Christ, we often think of Him as our Savior, and stop there. Many churches focus on the cross, at the expense of sharing all the rest that Jesus did for us. However, as I will show you, it’s only the FIRST thing that Jesus did for us all.

The Brasen Altar is also known as the “Altar of Sacrifice”. It was the first thing people saw upon entering. Jesus’s life pointed to the cross, and further, but the starting point is that He sacrificed Himself on the altar, and arose three days later. If he had not risen, we would be sad people who believe in Him.

The Molten Sea was a basin to wash in. Jesus paid the price for all our sins, our mistakes, and our flaws. By paying that price, we have been washed and cleaned in God’s eyes.

The Court is where we are judged. Don’t you see? We are judged AFTER Jesus has washed away all that would condemn us!

The Holy Place

Once Jesus washes us and we pass Judgement, He moves on to the Holy Place.

The Shewbread represents nourishment given to the priests. The Candles cast light in the Holy Place and represent God’s guidance.

Jesus was helped by God’s nourishment and guidance. He only did what God wanted Him to do. He only said what God wanted Him to say. Jesus was not only a priest, He is the High Priest and worthy of doing what He did for us. He is not done yet!

The Altar of Incense is a very special place. In both the New and Old Testaments we read how prayers are a “pleasing aroma” to God. However, this is an altar, which means there’s another sacrifice here! Sacrifice? What does Jesus sacrifice here?

I believe that this place is a confirmation of Jesus’s sacrifice. His first one. No, not the cross, but leaving Heaven. Leaving the Father’s side had to be tough, yet He was willing to do so and did. You can refer to His prayers and see how He longs to be back!

The Holy of Holies

A heavy veil, the ark, and the mercy seat. He made the journey here, as this is where the High Priest is intimate with God. True conversation happens here, and the distance between God and Jesus disappeared.

The ark reminds us that all of the Old Testament points to Jesus, and how He would fulfill all of God’s promises. Jesus is the basis for everything and has been from the start!

Mercy and Love are very closely related. God’s mercy reminds us of how He has treated people from the beginning. Jesus does the same treating us with mercy.

The veil was there to keep the unworthy out of there. Only the High Priest could enter. Jesus became the High Priest when confronted by the Jewish leaders, specifically when the then High Priest tore his clothes.

What about the ark? What does it represent to us today? It reflects God’s trustworthiness in the past, His protection of the Jewish people over the millennia. He takes care of “His people”. Also, it reminds us of God’s promises for the future. He is totally trustworthy, especially when we don’t understand what God is doing!

The Mercy Seat? It’s where we fully recognize that God’s love and mercy are what has gotten us to where we are. It was not our effort, not our choice, it’s nothing to brag about, or to have pride over. Finally, we are extremely humble about what He has done with us personally, and that He truly desires personal time with you!

Jesus says He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. Because He is the Way through the Tabernacle/Temple. Following Him brings you Life. This is what Truth is based on!

Please comment and/or respond to what you heard inside of you as you read this! Let’s share!
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