Christian, Christ-follower or Rescue?

Those who believe the New Testament found in Bibles go around calling themselves Christians. Some have decided that “Christian” is not the best word for them and have switched to “Christ-follower”. There is nothing wrong with either word, as both have solid roots. I have met some “Christians”, who are proud of being one, yet when I look at how they live, at how they treat others, I get confused about what they say is their value system! To be honest, it’s sad. I prefer

What label is best?

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Because I know this is a tough question, I ask it. With your comments and feedback, we may get to a really good place with it. It’s not only Christianity that has this problem/challenge. I don’t even want to start talking about how many “groups” or “denominations” of Christianity exist and thrive.

I have met Jewish people that don’t accept scripture at all or those that follow their local Rabbi who seems to believe things that I just don’t understand. Jewish people are either Rabbinical Jews or Messianic Jews. The Rabbinical break up into even more groups.

There are Shiite Muslims and Suni Muslims who absolutely hate each other more than they hate “non-believers”. I am personally convinced, from my reading of the Kuran, that it is a ridiculous wall built by men that believed they were more righteous than those on the other side. Both sides helped to build the wall, blaming the other for doing the same!

I hear people talk about how the “white man” destroyed the wonderful indigenous peoples of America. Yes, when I read the Dine’ bahane’, The Book of the Hopi” and other such books, I don’t see anything that supports the absolute hatred some tribes had for others. It is delusional to think that war did not exist on the American continent until the Europeans brought it! By the way, they brought the horse, which really changed the lives of the indigenous.

Of course, not everyone who wears a label embarrasses it, or others who wear it. I truly believe that each group has its great ones, and its lesser ones, and some of the worst ones. No group has a monopoly on the best people of this world, and no group has a monopoly on the worst people.

So, these labels are not as helpful as we would all like them to be.

What might work better?

The religions that refer to a God who is the Creator, all have some sacrifice that the person must make to appease that Creator. That sacrifice is done so that the Creator will do something for them that they cannot do for or by themselves. It’s a trade-off, it’s an “earned” relationship. The Creator does “gift” them, however, they earn the right to get those gifts.

In all of those religions, there is no need for a “Savior” because they try their best to do it for themselves. That’s why the story of the cross and resurrection is such “Good News”! There is no need to “earn” the right to these gifts, we were born with it! Whatever it takes to please the Creator, Jesus has done. Not for Himself, but for every single person! Why?

Because every single one of us needs to be rescued from our pitiful attempts to deserve God. God will not accept broken, dirty sacrifices. He could only settle for a pure sacrifice. Also, it could not be a “self-serving” sacrifice. It had to be done for others. Only that pure sacrifice could clear the way for me.

I am totally unable to get it right, and to stand before God saying “I am a good person, let me in!” You can see this in my post about Judgement Day! to see another way of saying this.

I have never been good enough to earn a relationship with God the Creator. Jesus opened the door for me to do that. You and I have to choose to walk in through the door and continue the Journey as found in Tabernacle, Temple, and Jesus.

I admit it, I am a Rescue, and refuse to draw a line between me and other Rescues.

Please comment and/or respond to what you heard inside of you as you read this! Let’s share!
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