The Teacher

Learn to see everyone as a teacher. Some will teach you by offering admirable qualities. Others will show you traits that you may wish to soften in yourself. Some will teach you to be yourself, because of how authentic they are. Everyone can offer a lesson. Be grateful for every relationship, no matter how long or short! Be grateful for what you have, which so many do not!

A Drunken Beggar

A grandfather and his young grandson were walking through town on their way to the park. At the last street corner, they passed a drunken, exhausted homeless man who was living and begging on the street.

photo of a homeless man sleeping near a cardboard sign
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The grandfather was not wealthy by any means. All he had to live off of was his Social Security check and a small pension.

As they went by, the Grandfather pulled out his wallet and took out a ten-dollar bill before putting it back in his pocket. Looking at the man with compassion, he handed it to him, saying, “Thank you, my teacher. May God Bless you.”

When they were walking away the confused grandson asked “Grandpa, how can he be your teacher? He’s much younger than you are, and isn’t he just some drunk homeless guy”

The grandfather looked at his grandson with a smile and explained, “My child, teachers come in all ages and disguises. Some are in schools. Many more are outside the classroom. This man is my teacher today, for he has reminded me of many good things.

  • He reminded me to be grateful for the prosperity that I have in my life.
  • To appreciate my regular daily meals and the warm bed I sleep in.
  • I have a roof over my head which protects me from the weather.
  • I have electricity and running water in my apartment.
  • There is also heat and air-conditioning which I use often.
  • He has taught me the dangers of self-centeredness and self-indulgence,
  • He reminds me of how my life was when I was focused only on me,
  • He’s given me a chance to express unconditional compassion, and
  • A wonderful opportunity to share with someone who has less than I do.”

I only gave him ten dollars. He gave me a whole sermon of lessons!”

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