Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, it’s an American National holiday. It has its roots, and I think it is a great opportunity to step back from life, enjoying three things in particular. Because life is so busy for so many of us, taking advantage of this opportunity is important.

Three Things

You might think that I believe making it through this COVID-19 time would be one of the three. It isn’t. I am grateful for making it through and for learning more about myself, and my family. However, it is not one of the three.

Yes, I am grateful that my car works a very large percentage of the time. I am grateful for the roof over my head and running water. Last summer I was very, very grateful for electricity and central air-conditioning. I am now grateful for central heat. Some of my circumstances are not fun, and I know that God is using them to teach me something. (We are working out what it is!)

We have a family tradition where we form a large (larger every year!) circle and go around sharing something we are grateful for. This year the funniest one (still true and serious!) was “I am grateful for all the great cooks in this family”. We have found that this helps us to remember how blessed we are, even if we only see it in little things.

Here Are The Three

  1. It was hinted at above, and it’s the opportunity to eat comfort food. We had so, so many great-tasting dishes. Portion control is not easy for me, especially at times like this. Thanksgiving being such a wonderful time, I just loosened the belt and went for it. I am very glad for this chance to enjoy.
Some promises to myself I forget when tempted!

2. It is a wonderful time with family. I am blessed with a lot of nieces and nephews, each one of which is very precious to me. There are also my two very wonderful children. Yes, I am biased. However, I am also correct! The fun times (and not-so-fun times) we have shared in life are both wonderful memories and examples of our love for each other.

There are so many happy families that cherish and enjoy each other!

Here is something that is common all around the world, at least in the dozens of countries I have visited. Families stick together, parents love their children, and the family is very important to people. No matter what culture or religion.

3. I get an attitude adjustment from all those smiling faces, from hearing all the laughter and that comment that gets so repeated, “This tastes great”! The last two years have been tougher on all of us than normal years. Yet there are reasons to be thankful.


The Pilgrims celebrated having a great harvest after some very trying years. They successfully escaped religious prosecution only to find themselves having a difficult time surviving the winter. Finally, with the help of local indigenous neighbors, they had a great harvest and celebrated not just the harvest, but they finally saw that they had successfully broken off from a rule-ridden church. They were free! No longer were they to be prosecuted for what they believed!

For those who are free, please remember to be grateful for that freedom. If you have food on the table, a roof over your head, running water, electricity, blankets, and anything else, remember that those are great things to have. Don’t just be grateful. Recognize to whom we are showing that gratitude and how wonderful God is to be so generous towards us.

Please comment and/or respond to what you heard inside of you as you read this! Let’s share!
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