Short Stuff I

There are times when just a few words, or a short quote, tell us what we need to hear at that time. Here are some short, spiritual things that I hope that some of these will touch you and help you along your path. Some are in text, some in graphics. They are here to help you along in this life we share. Please take the time to think about them.

“You cannot control what happens to you, and you can control how you respond.” – unknown

“Punishment looks toward past behavior and is often vengeful. Discipline however, looks toward future behavior.” – Andrey Swystun

“When you want something different from life, you have to start moving differently. Old Keys can’t unlock new doors.” – unknown

Instead of asking “Why God?” when things go bad, ask “What do you want me to learn from this God?” – unknown

Gandhi knew a thing or two!

“If you cannot change the people around you, change the people you are around.” – unknown

Lou Holtz knew about success!

“So much has been given me, I have no time to ponder over that which has been denied.” – Helen Keller

Yep, I need coffee every morning and C.O.F.F.E.E. all the day long!

“Life is full of obstacles, and the overcoming of them.” – Helen Keller

Balance your life and you’ll have more peace!

“Your circumstances, past or present, are not the source of your true identity.” – unknown

Please comment and/or respond to what you heard inside of you as you read this! Let’s share!
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