A.A. – Step 2

Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Help is Available!

Ouch, this is tough to do. To admit that something more powerful than “YOU” even exists in this universe. Actually, if you really have hit bottom it’s kind of easy to see that something or someone can be more powerful than ourselves. Especially if we are as hopeless and helpless as the first step makes us out to be.

Failure and Hopelessness = rock bottom.

It would be awful indeed to be stuck on Step One, never getting this step figured out. If you do admit defeat, but do not accept this step, then you have . . . no hope. Because you are saying that your way didn’t work and that there is no other way that will work. That’s awful, that’s terrible, that’s depressing, don’t you think?

Most successful, happy people will admit that they did not become so on their own. They had help. Whether it was great staff, or great education or training. To be very honest, there are NO self-made success stories in the world. They had the drive and ambition to accomplish a lot, and they also had a LOT of help.

Tiger Woods, when at the top of his career, had a swing coach. Doesn’t that sound crazy? Here’s the best of the best, the #1 in the whole world, and he has a coach.

The hopeless people in the world are the ones that are in a bad situation AND they think/feel that they have to solve it on their own.

Everyone can find help when they look for it.

But, what is offered here is that something or someone outside of ourselves can help us. Can help restore us to sanity. After all, don’t so many other people ‘seem’ to be sane? Aren’t they doing much better, even though they aren’t any better?

This step is next because it admits the possibility that help is available. That something better may be possible. For some, it goes straight to the probability that we can be restored. This is hope, like a tiny mustard seed for some, but it is still hope.

Hope is something we don’t have if we continue to be self-serving and self-centered. That attitude brings us short-term happiness and long-term loneliness!

The only way to change your destination is to change course. This is true of walking, driving, bicycling, and flying. It is also true of life. You can’t get to where you really want to be if you keep heading in the wrong direction.

Do it today! Accept that you need help, and go find it!

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  • Step 3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

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